Celebrate Sunday!

Three things I’m celebrating from this past week:


1.  My Twitter feed.  I really got into Twitter this past year.  I don’t tweet much, but I do follow some pretty amazing librarians and bibliophiles.  Many of them are attending ALA Annual in Las Vegas this week, and I am loving the tweets they are sending.  My favorite so far has been the picture of the president of ALA, flanked by two Vegas showgirls, opening the conference.  It was hysterical.


2.  Diaper studies.  Beckham and I participated in two diaper studies this past week, netting $155.00 in easy money.  As soon as we came home, I discovered two more emails from P&G, inviting us to participate in a few more studies.  Look out, Kohl’s, Mama needs some new sandals and a bathing suit.


3.  Free family events.  We have outstanding Parks and Rec programs here in NKY.  My calendar is full of fun events that we plan to attend.  The highlight of this week was Touch a Truck at a park in Taylor Mill.  My boy is crazy about all things transportation, so he had a great time exploring the various tractors, diggers, and emergency vehicles that were open to him.


What are you celebrating this week?


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